PODCAST: [MMYH Ep. 23] Sustainable Fashion and Money Saving Tips

Before there were words likeecofashion, upcycle, thrifter and the @truecostmovie there was Catherine Coughlin, a Depression era grandma; scrappy, happy & resourceful. She HAD to be! As a kid, getting "thrifted" gifts from Grandma (along with a Savings Bond) was odd to me.

Today as an adult, I'm thankful I was able to purchase & pay off my first car with those bonds when I was 20 ($900 for a '94 Chevy). I continue to shop second hand, thrift, hold my "clothes-swap-parties" and upcycle old garments into to new. I'd like to believe Grandma Kay would be proud  •

With 10+years of NYC & 3 years of Miami Apparel Industry experience I sincerely enjoy educating on what REALLY goes into that shirt you:



and then HAVE to throw away as it's shit construction. My ideas on how to help reduce the 11 million+ tons of textiles game are STRONG and welcome you to tune in to my FIRST podcast with Amazon best selling author & millennial finance Blogger @amandaabella We talk about @viviennewestwoodofficial ideals of "buy less, choose well" #sustainabledesign and how to shop without remorse or breaking the bank! Check out the #MakeMoneyYourHoney podcast tomorrow (Tuesday 1/16) on amandaabella.com