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We've been featured for our sustainable design, closet editing, upcycling, recycling, apparel design, beach cleanups and love for the ocean.

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featured: blog post —  Free Yourself from Wardrobe Waste, Stylishly — 7 Expert Tips from Colleen Coughlin of @thefulledit

Our founder partnered with fellow eco + sustainable design friends >>> asksagekat.com titled —  Free Yourself from Wardrobe Waste, Stylishly — 7 Expert Tips from Colleen Coughlin of @thefulledit  


featured: Podcast  — [MMYH Ep. 23] Sustainable Fashion and Money Saving Tips with Colleen Coughlin of The Full Edit

In this interview we talking about how you can clear out your closet, resell your items and look great without breaking the bank.

via Daily Flash TV

via Daily Flash TV

featured: Daily Flash News  —  Fashion Revolution Miami

interview with @Vrageous of Daily Flash News, Trunk Collective and Krelwear talking about FashionRevMiami's first event about sustainable design and upcycling.

photo: @oneimagenation

photo: @oneimagenation

Featured: DebrisFreeOceans.org Eco Fashion Show Coordinator


Annually organized by DebrisFreeOceans.com, the show features only sustainably minded Designers that are focused on Social Impact. Brands walking the 1Hotel Rooftop runway include Sea Lily Miami, Kozm, Koru , Mia Marcelle Swim, Riz Board Shorts, Volcom, Buero, and Nomad Tribe to name a few.

via Glamour.it

via Glamour.it

Featured: Glamour Italia  —  For: Design Work | Sealily.com

Glamour Beauty reporter  Vittoria Ottaviano takes a trip with SeaLilyMiami to Cuba wearing the Ava Dress

photo @oneimagenation

photo @oneimagenation

Ffeatured: Blog Post  —  THE EMPRESS OF LIFE : Colleen Coughlin

"a series of interviews about exceptional women" Colleen Coughlin talks about sustainable design and upcycling


Feature 1

"Environmentally Sound" article featuring owner, Charlotte Hicks of luxury resort wear line, Sea Lily Miami. Sea Lily makes it their mission to create beautiful beach coverups while replanting juvenile corals and participating in beach cleanups.

Designer & Ocean Activist: Colleen Coughlin


Featured: Venice Magazine  —  For: Design Work | Sealily.com



Featured: The best of swim Magazine  —  For: Design Work | Sealily.com