Closet Editing & Zero Waste Consulting







What we do:

We organize, purge and style your closet so you look and feel your best! We then repurpose, recycle and inspire creative ways to reimagine your wardrobe. Our goal is to make the apparel industry more sustainable by lessening the need to "buy more" and invest in quality, conscious, classic pieces that last and keep excessive fabric out of the waste stream.

Why we do it:

We appreciate how wearing clothes that look and fit right IS empowering. Instead of having to ask "What do I wear?" having a clutter free space that holds the material parts of how YOU present yourself can be an effortless task once the "one day I'll fit into that again" pieces are eliminated (Be honest, how many band t-shirts are taking up prime closet real estate?) You can walk out your door confident to take on the day feeling that you're worth it