PODCAST: [MMYH Ep. 23] Sustainable Fashion and Money Saving Tips

Before there were words like eco fashion, upcycle, thrifter and the documentary The True Cost there was Catherine Coughlin, a Depression era grandma; scrappy, happy & resourceful. She HAD to be! As a kid, getting "thrifted" gifts from Grandma (along with a Savings Bond) was odd to me.

Today as an adult, I'm thankful I was able to purchase & pay off my first car with those bonds when I was 20 ($900 for a '94 Chevy). I continue to shop second hand, thrift, hold my "clothes-swap-parties" and upcycle old garments into to new. I'd like to believe Grandma Kay would be proud!

With 10+years of NYC & 3 years of Miami Apparel Industry experience I sincerely enjoy educating on what REALLY goes into that shirt you:



then HAVE to throw away as it's shit construction. My ideas on how to help reduce the 11 million+ tons of textiles game are STRONG and welcome you to tune in to my FIRST podcast with Amazon best selling author & millennial finance Blogger Amanda Abella. We talk about Vivienne Westwood's ideals of "buy less, choose well" sustainable design and how to shop without remorse or breaking the bank! Check out the #MakeMoneyYourHoney podcast tomorrow (Tuesday 1/16) on amandaabella.com