Miami's FIRST #FashREV event

#FashionRevolution & #Fact :

Did you know, the average American throws away 81lbs of textiles/ year? 

Friends and Clients know I encourage letting go of items that no longer FIT well or make you FEEL good through my professionalorganizing services @thefulledit. never push; only encourage as a thought.


Client " that kimono was bought for me by my mother when I went into the hospital..."

Me: I understand, what is it that makes you want to remember this experience ?

Client: with tears welling up in her eyes, "I don't"

When awareness & attention is brought to the clothes, people and things not serving our best needs and we learn to "let go" we make the space for people (who encourage us) and experiences we have yet to have!

Join me along with some FANTASTIC sustainable designers & conscious bloggers as we chat about sustainable design and host *MY FAV* a #clothingswap ! Clear out 1,2,3,4 FIVE items that no longer serve you and pass them along to some who would use them! Welcome to take 5 "new" items with you! CONGRATS you've extended the "life" of a garment therefore doing your part to "buy less, choose well" and joined the #FashionRevolution !

LIMITED TICKETS available \\ here

Colleen Coughlin