Free Yourself from Wardrobe Waste, Stylishly — 7 Expert Tips


Know that feeling when you score a trendy US$59 skirt on sale for US$12.99? A win, right? You’re going to wear it… more than once? Maybe.

Studies by Fashion Revolution discovered that the average British woman wastes £285 (US$375) per year on clothes they will never wear. That’s roughly 22 outfits each, overall worth about £30 billion (more than US$39 billion), never worn. And it’s taking up prime closet real estate!

In addition, the EPA reports that in 2014 Americans threw out 11.95 million tons of clothing, shoes and other textile waste, recycling only 17% of it — which is wild when you consider that almost all textiles can be either recycled or upcycled. That’s a waste stream just begging to be made into something new! NUTS, right?!

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