The SRI bracelet was inspired by the sacred geometrical pattern of the Sri Yantra. This high vibrational symbol is used as part of the Balinese culture and had a huge influence on the design on this piece. The linear components make this timeless piece elegant, yet edgy. 


  • durable and made to last
  • waterproof
  • light and easy to travel with
  • firm button clasp
  • extreme comfortability on wrist
  • soft texture and malleable material
  • versatility of piece: it can be worn up the arm or if preferred coming onto the hand


X SMALL: 6 inches - 15.5 cm

SMALL: 6.5 inches - 16.5 cm

MEDIUM: 7 inches - 18 cm

LARGE: 7.5 -8 inches - 19.5 cm

Bracelet is 6.5 inches in length up the arm.

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