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"H&M says it will withdraw it’s copyright infringement lawsuit against #graffiti artist @_revok_. "

If you know me well, you're likely aware of my feelings for mega fast fashion giant,  h&m . You may also know my FIRST act of activism was standing up against Wycoff for 5pointz in LIC . Although you can't put a tag ( pun ABSOLUTELY intended ) on the art that was lost, the artists *eventually* WON and have +$6.7mil repayment. I believe shitty people eventually pay for their way or another 

Cliffs notes: (the developer  Jerry "the jerk" Wyckoff ( WELL deserving of last name like that ) whitewashed the graffiti mecca know as @5pointz destroying decades of Hip Hop street art and grafitti god history bc......dudes can be catty too.

My FIRST time and reason to visit Miami was to see the gaf artists in Wynwood after spotting a few tags off the Morgan St Stop in BK BushwickCollective

So, on the eve of Fashion Revolution month honoring the 1,138 garment workers that lost their lives due to corporate greed, I GLADY welcome you to join me to (continue to)



They have entered a legal dispute with artist Jason “REVOK” Williams over the copyright usage of his work in a recent ad campaign. The ad features imagery as well as videos of a model wearing the retailer’s “New Routine” line posted up in front of a wall with Revok's graffiti.  Yet H&M argues that street art has no copyright rights. H&M wants to use yet neither acknowledge's nor pay's the actual creator. NOT COOL!

If you're in NYC and want to see, it's located at the handball court in the William Sheridan Playground over the bridge from Manhattan in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you think it's wrong what H&M is doing......join elsewhere.

TheRealSwizz posted this pic by @Kaws in support.

TheRealSwizz posted this pic by @Kaws in support.

Creativity is to be celebrated, not stolen


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