That's a load of (good) CROC, as in LACOSTE

Clapbacks to Lacoste for talking (and DOING) something about #EndangeredSpecies. Fashion IS a language as it's AH-mazin' to see designers SPEAKING up! While it's not EcoFashion, per say I'll support what seems to be a genuine call to action on their own accords, not to mention “Lacoste is one of the 10 more recognizable logos in the world with Coca-Cola and Apple.”  (insert #TheMoreYouKnow commercial music)

So, it's a BIG deal ♣️♥️♠️♦️ for such as iconic brand to switch it up. It's the FIRST time Lacoste has EVER had a logo change! #NeverHaveIever thought I'd be saying this but THANK YOU Lacoste